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  • 3 Important Writing Advice for Essay Writers – 2022

    Academic essay writing is an important part of the education system. Essays test and hone your creative writing techniques, research ability, and reasoning skills. There are main four types of essays Persuasive, Expository, Narrative, and Descriptive. team is there to help students in the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE) with their academic workload and writing needs.

    When beginning an essay it is common to feel lost and not know where to start. At such times it is important to seek guidance from your instructor or online writing professional. A free essay writer from online writing services can not only guide you on your essay but edit it for you too.

    Since you will be writing a lot of essays during your studies, it is important that you should develop essay writing skills.

    Writing is Rewriting

    Many people make the mistake of trying to perfect the essay on the first go. They focus on sentence-level details whereas they should be concentrating on the structure of the essay.

    After you are done laying down the outline and the skeleton for the essay you should begin to write your first draft. The first draft is all about filling in the information and the evidence. 

    Once the draft is complete, it is then time for you to style your essay. You will change the sentence structures and enhance them with a better vocabulary while dumping the weak words and phrases.   

    The rewriting will also make changes to the thesis and the arguments. It is better to be open to change during this process, which includes getting rid of deadweight sentences and singular arguments and examples. 

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    Read good Write better

    Reading novels and fiction will advance your creative writing for your narrative and descriptive essays, but it will also give you an idea about how to express thoughts effectively. One should also read the essays by various essayists in order to know the power the essay can hold. Essayists of the old and the new write in their own unique styles and they help us find our own.

    Another thing that involves reading on the writer’s part is going through the various writing books and advice from various writers. Books such as ‘Writing in Style’ by William Strunk. Jr and ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King are great for perfecting your style. is an online service for the students of United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States (US), Australia (AU), and Canada (CA) that will meet all their needs, no matter how difficult they are!

    Sentence Level Optimization

    • Active voice: Always use the active voice: Make the subject do the action and always make the doer visible in the sentence. An active voice is direct and helps the reader get the idea without a fuss. Fuss, such as one created by the passive voice where refers to the subject indirectly and slows the pace of the essay.
    • Strong words: Word choice is very important. Many times whole phrases can be replaced by a single word. You should aim at making the sentence shorter without compromising its integrity. If a thing has to be said in lesser words, then let be it. Using thesaurus for this part is important. 

    It is important also to avoid the use of to-be verbs and use strong action verbs instead.  

    • Punctuate well: Good punctuation not only corrects your sentence structure but also paves a way to increase its effectiveness. For example, the use of semicolons allows an indication of the latter sentence being connected to the first, The colon announces a list or a declaration, while commas and dashes are used to separate parts in a speech. 
    • Transitioning: Though there are plenty of transition words to go from one idea to the next, it is advisable not to overuse them. Instead, use the logical flow from one part to the next to help guide the reader. A good writer doesn’t need many transitional words. 

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  • 5 Top Writing Tips for Better Argumentative Essays – 2022

    Proposing and defending a claim is central to persuasive and argumentative essays. To successfully defend a claim, the writer is supposed to present evidence and examples while also confronting counter-arguments. Having sound logic and reasoning alone doesn’t guarantee a strong essay; it should have optimal placement of the information and evidence and the organization of various claims to guide to common ground. is a reliable writing service for students in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA) and Australia (AU).

    Essays that ask you to defend a claim can be daunting at the time. But the difficulty can be appeased by consulting online with a free essay writer from a writing service, or an English instructor. You can also find help online from online writing labs to write, structure, and organize your writing.

    Here are some things that will help you improve your argumentative writing.

    Use appropriate argumentative models

    Argumentative writing can be structured and organized in many forms. Though there is no hard and fast rule to follow anyone religiously, there are three main types of models to follow:

    Classical Model

    The classical model aims at educating the reader with the relevant information so that they will be better positioned to understand your claim. It aims at providing the writer the authority to speak on the subject with the target of evoking readers’ emotions.

    The model was developed by Aristotle and later modified by various thinkers. It is still one of the most commonly used methodologies. is the best writing service for the students of the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), Cyprus (CY) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to find essays and papers of all academic levels and fields!

    Toulmin Method

    The Toulmin method is a deductive reasoning structure that takes the argument forward by strengthening it with evidence and examples while connecting it to the original thesis all along.

    Rogerian Method

    This method gives its full attention to the counterarguments and is useful when taking on an issue that has its own benefits with various claims. This method works at finding a middle ground between the claims. 

    Learn to modify your thesis as you go

    Many people writing essays tend to spend much time writing the thesis statement at the start of the essay. Usually perfecting it at the beginning comes to little use when you come upon the strong counter-arguments later in the essay; to accommodate these counters you will have to change your thesis time and time again. 

    Therefore, it’s better to jot the idea down as best as you could at the start and be open to changing it later on.

    The team is dedicated to helping students in the United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Cyprus (CY), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and United Kingdom (UK) reach their academic goals and succeed in the classroom.

    Employ Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

    A good argument will have these three pillars.

    Ethos is the authority of the writer that is reflected in the writing. It can also be created by using ideas and works of people with authority on the subject. 

    Pathos is appealing to the reader’s emotions. An idea or claim is grounded only when it appeals to the emotions of the reader. Emotions such as empathy, disgust, shock, etc.

    Logos is the appeal to logic that your statements and arguments should demonstrate. They should have a logical flow and be consistent (without contradiction) at the same time.

    Be objective and empathetic

    The arguments don’t require a person’s personal opinion. The text should come off as objective and should never be subject to your biases. It’s also important to be empathetic to opinions other than yours–the counters to your arguments. You should give them the proper attention that they require and make use of them to strengthen your thesis. 

    Use similar and appropriate evidence

    It is the writer’s responsibility to keep the reader’s attention. If the reader comes across evidence and examples that jump from one subject type to another in subsequent arguments, chances are that reader will be less attentive. The change of examples contexts can prove as much a distraction as a digression.

    It is better to use evidence and examples that belong to the same subject type or better yet, continue through the essay. This will help the reader understand the subject better, being familiar with the example as it progresses with the essay. provides excellent services to students in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) , United Aarab Emirates (UAE), Canada (CA), and Australia (AU) who need help with their homework assignments.

  • 3 Pointers to Get The Conclusion Perfect – 2022

    No matter what the essay is, the way to conclude an essay remains the same. That is to summarize the main points without adding anything new to the essay. 

    After all the good work that you put in the introduction and the body paragraphs, it is important for you to write a good conclusion to end the essay. The purpose of the conclusion is to reiterate the salient points out that the reader has gone through in the essay. This not only allows the reader to get on your side of the argument with the conclusion in light of the thesis statement. But it also helps them organize the information in their mind… 

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    Instead of looking for a free essay writer to guide you with your conclusion, I advise you to follow these three points.

    The Three Parts a Conclusion Must Have

    1. A Thesis Statement in a new light: The thesis statement that was initially announced to the reader is capable of being seen in a conclusive light. A way for the reader to see it as the right choice. The statement can now be rephrased with less caution and more authority. 
    1. Reproducing the main points of the body paragraphs: Here each of the topic sentences should be glanced over and presented in the conclusion. Instead of restating the topic sentences, it is important to arrange them in new words to bring forth the natural flow of logic. It is a practice that produces the best results if the topic sentences are arranged in the order of least to most important or the other way around.
    1. A final word or a call for action: With the mind running smooth, it’s hard for a writer to hold back the urge to add something new to the conclusion. A good way to pacify this urge is to end it with a call for action or something to think about that will take the argument further. 

    The writers at are professional, experienced and well-versed in essay writing to help students from the United Kingdom (UK), United States ( US), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    What NOT to do

    • Adding extra information to your conclusion is a definite no: Remember that you are giving closure to your reader. Anything new at the closing moment will make the reader feel that the essay should have continued to explain the new bits.
    • A word-to-word restating of the thesis and the topic sentences: Yes, these are the components that you should talk about in the conclusion. But after your arguments and the pieces of evidence, these statements should hold new meaning. You are supposed to communicate this newly derived meaning in the conclusion. 
    • Elongated opening sentences for a conclusion: Unlike a speech, an essay doesn’t require you to be fancy with the closing. Also, you don’t have to set the stage for the essay summary, you just get right into it. 
    • Words and phrases that show its a conclusion: Words such as ‘In the light of the essay’, ‘In conclusion, ‘The essay in a nutshell, etc. is the best service for students in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada (CA) to get their essays written for a fair price.

    Revise, Revisit, and Edit

    The conclusion should not escape your critical eye. It should be probed for inaccuracies in terms of logic or wording. Most importantly, it should be checked for fulfilling its criteria of a strong essay conclusion. 

    If despite the inclusion of the said information the conclusion fails to produce a good closure, you shouldn’t be afraid to revisit the rest of the essay. You will then go over the thesis statement and the body paragraphs. Making the thesis bolder and more precise or changing a topic sentence or dropping dead weight should be on your agenda if needed. 

    If the Introduction and the body of the essay are not well written then you can’t compensate for their fallings in the conclusion. The conclusion just presents the essay overview. Hence, by only editing the body and the introduction you allow for a complete conclusion.

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  • A Simple Persuasive Essay Guide – 2022

    A Persuasive Essay is where you persuade the reader about the validity of your argument. Unlike, argumentative essays, here you don’t have to present the opposing argument. You are expected to research the subject and use statistics to form your argument. Write and style the essay so as to overwhelm your readers with supporting arguments and get them to agree.

    GradSchoolGenius can help the students in Canada (CA), United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia (AU) make their way through school with the best dissertations and theses.

    With a bit of prior knowledge and this free essay writer’s advice, persuasive essays should be easy to write.

    Knowing your Audience

    If you are given to write a persuasive argument then you must know your audience. The style of writing mostly remains the same across a variety of audiences. It is the content of the essay that is changed to cater to the expertise of the audience. 

    Make sure to write and present your ideas clearly. Supporting each argument with said evidence and examples. For, a beginner audience, avoid going into too much detail about the subject. 

    The Writing Checklist   

    • Your opinion about the subject is clear and definite.
    • Use only Active Voice.
    • Opinions backed by strong evidence and strong word choice make a strong paragraph.
    • Use of good transitions between the paragraphs. 
    • Keep your sentences short and powerful. 
    • Use punctuation effectively to emphasize and structure information within each paragraph. 
    • Also, use strong verbs and avoid the use of adverbs. offers professional writing services at reasonable prices to students in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and United Arab Emirates.

    Essay topics

    Persuasive essay topics are usually in the form of a question. Your answer to which will be the opinion that you will defend.  Persuasive essay topic lists cover a range of disciplines, from education, health, science, and social problems to politics, and more. Examples of persuasive essay topics:

    • Should education be tuition-free in colleges?
    • Should Marijuana Trader be Legalized?
    • Should international water laws be modified?
    • Why cruiseliners are bad for the environment?
    • Should the college sororities be abolished?
    • The case against physical sports.
    • Is animal neutering ethical?
    • Should euthanasia be allowed throughout the United States?
    • Should the professions be according to intelligence?

    Parts of a persuasive essay

    (Essay example: ‘Should there be tuition-free colleges?’)

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    The introduction will not only introduce the subject but built up the main thesis statement. It will show your opinion about the topic and how you are going to tackle it.

    Example thesis statement

    The implementation of a ‘Tuition-Free College Education’ sure will improve the college enrolments but at the cost of degradation of the private and public colleges and the level of education, the students receive. 

    Body Paragraphs

    Body: The body will have three to four paragraphs. Each paragraph will take up a different reason for your argument that will be enclosed in the topic sentence of each paragraph. The evidence and stats will go down in the body paragraphs.

    Body 1(Topic Sentence)

    The state has to inject colleges with capital for them to be tuition-free colleges, which comes by burdening the residents with increased taxes. 

    Body 2(Topic Sentence)

    With free higher education, the college degree private colleges will suffer to maintain their standard.

    Body 3(Topic Sentence)

    Cutting off the tuition fee in the state-run colleges and community colleges will lead to overpopulation and unfavorable conditions for healthy learning.

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    The conclusion doesn’t add anything new to the writing but goes over the main points presented in the essay in light of the thesis statement.

    “It is unfair upon the taxpayers that they will have to pool in for the students and the families who are more than capable of affording the tuition fee. The overcrowding will be followed by the overconsumption of resources and will lead to inadequate learning and increased dropout rates.

    The lawmakers should instead financially assist the students enrolled in state or private universities that are already performing well, through public grants. This will help the government reach its goal of an increased number of college graduates without disrupting the education system as a whole.”             

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